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Everyone's writing secret messages on paper towels (or toilet paper) on TikTok – and revealing them by putting them in water!

See all the most viral Paper Towel Challenge videos below, and keep reading to find out how you can make these TikToks yourself.


In this TikTok trend, people reveal a paper towel with words written in marker. On the surface, those words make sense, but they're not the full sentence. Next, TikTokers put the paper towel in water (usually pooled in a sink) and more words come through to the surface to reveal the truth!

The weirdest part? Almost all of these TikToks are to the tune of "Someone You Loved" by Lewis Capaldi – but very, very slowed down and in a deep voice:

"Numbed all the pain.
Another day bleeds
nto nightfall.
And you're not here
To get me through it all."

Confused? Here are some examples in a TikTok compilation:


You're Pretty (Annoying) by @jaimesoliz


Show your friends how much you love them ##foryoupage ##fy ##fyp ##foryou

♬ Originalton - qwestar


You're S(h)o(rt) by @qsowavy


😉😉 ##papertowelchallenge ##checkthisout ##foryou ##xyzcba

♬ Originalton - qwestar


I Love You(r Sister) by @jonklaasen


It’s just a prank babe 😅🥺 @elyssajoy_ ##couplegoals ##couple ##prank ##trend

♬ Originalton - qwestar


How do you make a Paper Towel Challenge TikTok?

First, find a paper towel or napkin that's the right width. It has to be thick enough so you can't see the bottom marker through the top sheet – but thin enough for it to bleed through in marker.

Second, find a marker that's heavy enough to come through when the towel gets wet.

Third, fold the towel into two. Write the original message on the top half, and the parts to be revealed on the bottom half.

Fourth, close the drain in your sink and put a shallow pool of water in it.

Now you're ready to record! Remember – you've only got one shot to put it in the sink and get it right!


How do you get the Paper Towel Challenge sound/audio?

Click here to go to the TikTok audio page of the slow "Someone You Loved" – first uploaded by @qwestar. Just click Use This Sound or add it to your favorites.

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