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Will TikTok single handedly revive Temple Run, the once mega popular mobile game?

It sure might, if TikTokers get their way!

A new TikTok trend involves users running the Temple Run course using the app's Green Screen Video effect, a new updated version of TikTok's long-standing Green Screen effect. This new filter allows TikTokers to put any video they want into the background of their TikTok.

And since TikTok is a hub for weird creativity, that meant Temple Run was a perfect option for a green screen.

It all started with @opticxfazexswag (Jacob) who screen recorded himself playing Temple Run and used the Green Screen Video effect to enter the gameplay itself!

Soon, the Temple Run trend spread to other TikTokers like @julietkaufmann0, @shoootmighthaveto and @mattryanx, who used it to run courses in similar games like Subway Surfer and Mario Kart, too. See the compilation below.

So go screen record playing Temple Run, green screen yourself into the game, and join the TikTok meme!

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