'The Ghetto, The Ghetto' TikTok Trend

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Everyone's explaining their own personal version of "the ghetto" in a new TikTok meme.

The trend involves TikTokers stumbling into a location or community that they don't usually belong to, and they look down on it by calling it "oh child, the ghetto."

(Bear in mind that the word "ghetto" can be problematic, as it is often used to refer to locations where Black and Brown people predominantly live. Think twice before using it yourself.)

The first "ghetto" TikTok was uploaded by Connor Ward (@userconnorw) to joke about Apple Music listeners being inferior to Spotify listeners, especially during Spotify Wrapped season.

Now everyone's using Connor's "the ghetto" audio, to refer to all kinds of inferior people and places. Of course, these insults are jokes and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

In one instance, @jawshh used "the ghetto" about Chromebook users in his class when he's on his far more expensive Macbook.

And @stelluhb called the boys' side of her P.E. (gym) class "the ghetto"... and we have to agree.

In one of the most clever and liked uses of "the ghetto" audio, @robynlmusic made a parody of white folks who walk into neighborhoods of predominantly people of color, and critiqued the way they call it "the ghetto." Yes for social issues being discussed on TikTok!

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