'There's No Way' @MiaTomeo Duet TikTok Trend

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Who knew that an innocent video of Mia Tomeo and her family reacting to her college acceptance would become a major TikTok meme?

Everyone is duetting the video from @miatomeo, in which her mom and dad are super surprised about her acceptance to Tulane University. Her dad's exclamation of "there's no way!" especially helped it become the perfect material to be duetted.



posting bc i love these videos and this is the happiest i’ve been for a while getting into my dream school :):) #college #collegeacceptance #tulane

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Other TikTokers are duetting Mia's video and giving other options about what she might be super surprised about. Some are super funny and innocent, while others are pretty NSFW. Watch at your own risk!



You know it’s true

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And now with 300,000 followers on her TikTok account, it's clear that Mia has embraced the meme.

mia tomeo reaction to tiktok meme bio

We're proud of your college acceptance and your meme, Mia!

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