"And I Oop" TikTok Trend

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Wondering why everyone's saying "And I Oop" on TikTok?!

The meme originated with drag queen Jasmine Masters, star of RuPaul's Drag Race, during one of her iconic YouTube videos back in 2015. Seemingly out of nowhere, Jasmine interrupts herself mid-sentence, resulting in the iconic line, "and I, oop!"

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The reason she interrupted herself? She sat on one of her balls. Ouch! Watch the moment below.

And since "and I, oops!" sounds somewhat similar to "Anna Ou," stan Twitter paired that with a woman of the same name on LinkedIn. Kinda weird, but funny.

Anna Ou LinkedIn Meme


Here's some of our favorite "Anna Ou" TikToks (and tweets and Instagram posts) in a compilation!

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