"I Like Big Boys" Lizzo TikTok Trend

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Heard about the "I Like Big Boys" meme on TikTok and wondering where one of May 2019's trends came from? Look no further!

Back in late 2018, rising singer Lizzo dropped an incredibly catchy song titled "Boys" that spells out every kind of boy she's into... from big boys to itty bitty boys, Mississippi boys to inner city boys! You might know Lizzo from other hits, like 2017's "Truth Hurts" and 2019's "Juice," both of which have gotten popular on TikTok.

"Boys" has gotten popular on TikTok as people of all genders imitate each and every kind of boy that Lizzo lists, showing just how versatile we can all get!

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Think you understand the "I Like Big Boys" meme now? Check out some of our favorite TikTok-related stickers and enjoy a compilation of some of our favorite versions!

1. Benji Krol (@benjikrol)


2. Samantha Nicole (@boolinwnicole)


3. Anasacha (@anisachi)


4. Marvellous (@itsmarvelous_)


5. aliyapplesauce (@aliyapplesauce)


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