"Just Did A Bad Thing" TikTok Trend

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Heard about the "Just Did A Bad Thing" meme on TikTok and wondering where the trend came from? Look no further!

In December 2018, musician Bill Wurtz uploaded a music video on YouTube for his original song, "I Just Did A Bad Thing." As a musician for the internet age, it's no wonder that Bill's meme-worthy song became trendy on TikTok.

Though the song is nearly 3 minutes long, these are the lyrics that are included in TikTok trends:

Just did a bad thing.
I regret the thing I did.
And you're wondering what it is,
Tell you what I did,
I did a bad thing.

--------- Sticker Break ---------

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The song took off as TikTokers would reveal something crazy they'd done for the 'Tok, like shaving their eyebrows or making a crazy purchase.

Think you understand the "Just Did A Bad Thing meme now? Check out some of our favorite TikTok-related stickers and enjoy a compilation of some of our favorite versions!

1. Raechel (@r4echel)


2. Miley the Golden (@mileythegoldie)


3. Nicky (@nicoleee69)


4. Andre Swilley (@andreswilley)


5. derk (@derkslurp)


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