"Every Day Is Leg Day" TikTok Trend

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Heard about the Leg Day meme on TikTok and wondering where one of May 2019's trends came from? Look no further!

During the finale of RuPaul's Drag Race season 8, finalist Naomi Smalls performed a lip sync to an original song, "Legs," written by Lucian Piane. Known for her super-tall legs and beautiful aesthetic, it was a natural song for Naomi to perform.

Now, with the song uploaded as a sound on TikTok, it's finding a new resurgence as TikTokers lipsync it themselves. We all just can't stop celebrating that "every day is leg day, Monday, Wednesday, Friday!" (And yes, we know that your legs were too tall to fit on the cover of Vogue).

Think you understand the Leg Day meme now? Check out some of our favorite TikTok-related stickers and enjoy a compilation of some of our favorite versions!

1. spencebomb4life (@spencebomb4life)


2. Emma (@sunshinesmileso)


3. Piff Peterson (@piffpeterson)


4. Emo Ukelele Girl (@mxmtoon)

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