'What Would You Do?' John Quiñones TikTok Trend

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An audio clip from What Would You Do? on ABC just became the hottest sound on TikTok!

In the short audio, host John Quiñones stops someone on the show to introduce himself and let them know that they've been filmed as part of the show, which examines how bystanders react to possible marginalization or harassment:

Excuse me, ma'am? I'm John Quiñones, with the TV show 'What Would You Do?'

TikTokers mainly use the audio to explain the terrible things they admit to doing, and their fears of being caught. Gabe Duncan (@grabytrain), who first uploaded the sound, used the clip in a scenario where they don't give a homeless person food.

Just a day after the audio was posted on November 30, the trend absolutely blew up on December 1. The What Would You Do? meme is everywhere now on TikTok – so get on it before it's too late!

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@eleisha_sins (Jeezus) – Child abuse


@audrey.janee (Audrey Jane) – Watching porn in public


@brittanyyy.__ (Brittanyyy) - Calling someone broke


@richardsuniverse_ (Richard's Universe) – Pregnant lady standing


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