'But When Will I See You Again?' Sleeping Beauty TikTok Trend

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Who knew Prince Phillip asking "when will I see you again?" in Sleeping Beauty (1959) would become a TikTok trend, 60 years later?

TikTokers are using the audio to highlight moments when someone wants to see them again, but they're clearly never returning. Whether it's about a first date, a teacher or another unwanted visitor, Phillip's question and Princess Aurora's response fit so many different scenarios.

Phillip: But when will I see you again?
Aurora: Oh never, never!
Phillip: Never?!
Aurora: Well, maybe someday!
Phillip: When? Tomorrow?
Aurora: Oh no!

I mean, we've all been told "maybe someday" just to be forever ghosted, right? Aurora was onto something.

Though the trending sound was originally uploaded to TikTok by @princesschriscosplay, the most popular version of the meme comes from @thisaintjay. In the video, a teacher (and their assignment) ghost a student... because we all know that teacher that takes forever to grade.

Shoutout to Sleeping Beauty for being a savage. It won't be long until "maybe someday..." is a rallying cry for ghosters around the globe!

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