Oops My Heart Went Fuck Sticker

Oops My Heart Went Fuck Sticker

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The "oops my heart went oops" song is stuck in every TikTok fan's head! Whether you complete the song with "fuck" or any other word, this sticker sums up the TikTok sound trend's energy.

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This high quality sticker is hand-drawn, printed and cut out right around the design for a sleek finish. It's a little bit shiny and a little bit matte – so you could say it's in between. Best of all, it's made by people who love TikTok memes as much as you do, and you're supporting a new, small business with every order.

And if you like this TikTok-inspired sticker, the possibilities are endless. Put your Oops My Heart Went Fuck Sticker on your laptop, your water bottle, your phone case, your desk – wherever you see fit.

Size: 3" x 3.5"