Go DeMarcus Sticker

Go DeMarcus Sticker

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Go DeMarcus, go DeMarcus! Our king has taken over, been remixed and is all over TikTok.

Confused? Here's the full story...

In 2008, back in the early days of YouTube, a video called "D Weezy" was uploaded by user MsJuliaBurks. The 4-minute (couple?) rap battle is the original Go DeMarcus video, in which DeMarcus seems to win the (sort-of) rap battle and is cheered on by the girl filming. Watch the original video below:

Eleven years later, "Go DeMarcus" is back as a TikTok meme – and the original video has 8 million views on YouTube alone. TikTokers use the audio to joke about the kinds of people who get cheered on... who are clearly not themselves.

The audio often includes DeMarcus' rap, too, which goes as follows:

I was looking at you, and you was looking at me
And we was thinking, whoa-oh-oh-oh

Watch a "Go DeMarcus" TikTok meme compilation below.

Size: 4.0" x 1.2"